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PSA...Back Yard Breeders (BYB)

BYB are showing up everywhere! A few weeks ago our sister cattery Wrinkled Velvet Sphynx received calls from 3 people who were lied to by local BYBs. One kitten family is now dealing with a very sick kitten that has cost them thousands of dollars in vet bills and the breeder has blocked them on Facebook and will no longer reply to their calls.

Please do your research when choosing a breeder. Visit the cattery to meet your kitten and the breeder. Make sure you see the conditions where your kitten is raised. Please do not purchase a kitten because you feel bad that it is being raised in less than acceptable conditions, buying a kitten from a BYB just helps them to continue to do this!

Ask to see proof that the adults have current HCM scans. There are 2 new breeders in NH who have kittens for sale that have never HCM scanned their breeding cats!

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